A bit about me

Bengt Köhler Sandberg

Born 1983 in Gothenburg, Sweden and at the moment live in Uddevalla.

My interest in making images first begin with 3D software in around 1999 and I was quite the computer nerd at the time.
Guess that is still true today but to a lesser degree and that 3D interest fizzled out after a few years.
However that spark was not out for very long as I picked up photography around 2005 which has been a big interest ever since.

I almost exclusively do black & white analog photography.
Mainly because I like the process, the cameras and how the images look via that medium.
Image feel/mood is something I find more imporatant over technically impressive images and enjoy using all sorts of cameras.
Do have a soft spot for cheap bargain bin cameras as well as very simple plastic toy cameras and pinhole photography.
Not that I mind using some very nice quality gear as well and today I have a 4x5" large format camera for this.
Digital cameras and color images is also not something I mind using or doing but don't very often, at least not at the moment.