A bit about me

Bengt Köhler Sandberg

Born 1983 in Gothenburg / Sweden and today live in Uddevalla.

My interest in making images first begin with 3D software in 1999-2000 as I was quite the computer nerd and guess still am to a lesser degree today.
Did this for a few years but that interest eventoly fizzled out.
However that spark was not dark for long as I picked up photography around 2005 which have been a big interest ever sence.

As for the type of photography which have changed a bit back and forth between analog and digital throughout the years.
It began with a analog Nikon F301 but the first somewhat cheap Nikon D40 was something I went for in 2007.
Used that for a year or so but the analog cameras have a special appeal to me and also got into medium format.
Same digital hiccup happen in late 2009 to 2010 when I had the opportunity to buy a Canon EOS 5D Mark II for a really good deal which I couldn't pass.
Really lovely camera which I enjoyed using but my analog nerv was getting itchy so that lasted for a year or so before I went back for my old cameras.

Today is still almost exclusively analog but care less and less of the rat race of having the best gear and producing technically the best image.
I'm more about the image feel and some of my favorite shot have been taken with the cheapest / simplest gear imaginable.
But I use a stardard SLR, medium format and even a 4x5" large format.
Have made it so I can use my 4x5" as a pinhole camera which have been a lot of fun but also have a few nice old lenses for it.