Summer road trip

Not a very planned trip in term of route, just some basic ideas what I wanted to visit and decided day by day what I wanted to hit.
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Starting point was Vänersborg / Sweden, aimed towards Öland and visited a few nice sports on the way.
Öland ended up as one of the highlights of the trip and the first hours on the island was a little funny.
Came of the bridge from mainland and shortly after saw this beautiful old windmill, got all excited and took a few pictures of that.
Back on the road and a few minutes later a second just as nice windmill which I had to take a look at.
Later a third one and started to realize that the sports of this island are littered with these.
So after awhile it got to: meh just another beautiful windmill but its surroundings looks boring and just drive by which was a new one for me.
However the island had a lot more lovely scenery and I went around the entire island following the coast.

After Öland I headed north with the goal of going all the way to the northern parts of Sweden.
Stopped on the way to visit my brother and a picture of him and his daughter made it to the  gallery bellow.
Did eventually end up in Kiruna which had some amazing landscapes to photograph but also got to realize that sleeping at night might not be the easiest when the sun never sets.

Next was Norway, began with Narvik and after that headed south.
The scenery when from amazing landscapes to breathtaking fjords.
Was a little like Öland and its windmills as every other turn had some amazing views but that seems like a good problem to have.
Drove about half of Norway true their slow twisting roads, went into Sweden and headed back home.